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QuickBooks Unable To Locate PDF Viewer

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QuickBooks struggling to locate pdf viewer

QuickBooks is an effective tool to nurture one’s budding business. Its innumerable helpful features takes away the tedium generally from the means of setting up a small business single handedly.

The issue associated with the opening of PDF files in Quickbooks has been mostly faced by those who have installed the twelfth edition of Acrobat Reader also referred to as Acrobat Reader DC. The PDF Reader can also be reconfigured by Adobe depending on this new version. Because of this reconfiguration QuickBooks is not able to identify Acrobat Reader DC and hence is not able to locate the PDF viewer. With QuickBooks Desktop Support you can quickly resolve this error and resume your projects.

QuickBooks unable to locate pdf viewerQuickBooks unable to locate pdf viewer
You can find few solutions and that can be attempted to rectify this recurring problem. They are as follows:

When you encounter a mistake message while trying to save a PDF file in Quickbooks, you can test again over time such that it resolves on its own. If you r QuickBooks Unable To Locate PDF Viewer  then call us on our toll free number.
Older editions of QuickBooks might have compatibility issues it is therefore important to hold the most advanced product offered by Quickbooks.
You can invest your time and resources when you look at the repair tools that Intuit has in store. They usually have an installation package that has useful tools for sorting out such unwanted problems.
Having troubles with access permissions also can hinder your work. It can be solved easily by setting the permissions to Full Control. This could be done utilizing the given steps:
Start the RUN command by Pressing the Windows key + R
You then have to key in %TEMP% and then press Enter.
When you look at the temp folder Right-click in a blank space and choose
Verify that usernames and groups featured in the Security menu are having Full Control.
If the above steps didn’t yield fruitful result then the shortest way to view all of your important PDF files in Quickbooks is always to install or reinstall Acrobat Reader XI. The following steps might come in handy when you need to achieve this:

You are able to install or reinstall Acrobat Reader XI by downloading Adobe Reader 11.0.10 through the official website of Adobe and then saving the same on your desktop.
Then you need certainly to click on the Adobe icon in your desktop to put in Acrobat Reader XI
After that you can activate Adobe Reader XI by opening it.
Then you can open PDF files using Adobe Reader XI and view those.
To look at PDF files in Quickbooks using Adobe Reader XI you have to follow these necessary steps:

First go through the control board icon and from the menu that appears choose Default Programs
Next you will get the possibility to link a certain file with a particular program. You need to select this choice.
This may lead you to a listing of programs for which you will see *.pdf
You ought to highlight *.pdf and then click on the button titled Change program
You then need to select Other Programs and click regarding the Browse
Finally proceed to the base of the menu and double click on exe.



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