QuickBooks Will not Open Company File

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Cannot Open QuickBooks Company File

Error - QuickBooks Company File Can't Be Opened

So that you have valiantly been trying to open your QuickBooks Company File but all your efforts have been in vain, is that so?

I can know how frustrating it gets because the company file could be the fundamental block to any organization for this holds the company critical data. If you want to know QuickBooks Will not Open Company File then call our experts.

However you don't have to worry any further, as this is actually the full-proof remedy:

Step 1: First things first, make sure the QuickBooks version you're using is the newest one out of the market.

Step 2: Open the file using the same version that has been used last time around. Any difference between versions leads to ambiguity.

Step three: Instead of using alternate routes, open the file directly through QuickBooks.

Step four: When you're getting ready to open the file using QuickBooks, make sure you're holding down the "ALT" key as that will prevent any reports or other QuickBooks windows from opening.

Step 5: attempt to open an example company file first rather than directly going for broke.

Step 6: In case it is possible, move the company file to another location, a unique location by itself and then try opening it! Sometimes, if luck has it, it'll open up straight away!

Step 7: You might also wish to check the properties associated with company file to check out any distortions issues with respect to integration, compatibility or file format.

Step 8: If it still isn't working, try renaming the organization file. The chances are pretty less in terms of this, but still, it is worth a shot

Step 9: After you move the company file to a new location, try opening the file from there.

Step 10: Rename the ".tlg" file.


Step 11: Turn off multi-user hosting.

multi user QB hosting

Step 12: Edit the file extension associated with the company file.

In the event that above-lying steps have did not satisfy your query, try moving the organization file to a different separate computer altogether. Once you accomplish that, follow these steps and open the specified file. In the event that file is able to boot successfully with this computer, this signifies that there have been some issues with the initial computer, either regarding the QuickBooks compatibility, or perhaps the system itself.

In a nutshell, stick to the underlying steps towards the word, progressively till you discover the clear answer to your condition:

Update QuickBooks if required.
Run "Reboot.bat"
Perform a clear installation of QuickBooks ie start from scratch.
Choose the option "Repair" from the QuickBooks installation window.
After all that has been said and done, in the event that file still doesn't open, then almost certainly your company file is damaged / corrupted.


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