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QuickBooks accounting software is one of the most popular small and medim bussiness accounting solutions in all around the globe. QuickBooks provides you the features that your particular business demands. A few of the key options that come with QuickBooks Error 6154 are as given below:
User friendly
Good accounting reports
Flexible with 3rd party applications
Affordable price
Fix QuickBooks Error 6154 However, sometimes the QuickBooks software also can run into some errors that can hinder your projects flow. QuickBooks Error 6154 is just one such error that will be linked to the business file errors. This error occurs when the company file could never be accessed or the QuickBooks software could not open a particular file or folder.
How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6154?
To resolve this error, you recommended to perform the provided four steps properly. This error can easily be resolved if you stick to the steps sequence wise. Steps to resolve the error code 6154 are as given just below:
Solution 1:
Reboot your system
Log on to the system as an administrator
Logging in as administrator will provide you the permission to access the folder in which you have saved the business file.
Solution 2:
Reboot your system
Log in to the device as an administrator
You will need to sync your files or folders in your C:drive with the aid of Sync Now option
Solution 3:
Reboot your system
Get on the device as an administrator
Move your organization file and reset your Sync Manager
Now, create a new folder in C drive
Move the folder through the previous location to the new folder
Now, reset the Sync Manager
Run QuickBooks software and click on Help menu
Select Manage Data Sync and then click on Reset Sync Manager
Give you the login credentials when asked
Permit the Sync Manager to perform the initial sync.


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